Tree Radar Unit

The TreeRadar Unit (TRU) uses mature pulse/echo technique (Ground Penetrating Radar) to detect and locate tree roots. The radar signal is affected by changes in dielectric properties (ability to retain an electrical charge) in the test area. A radar pulse is triggered every 5mm traversed across bare or covered (concrete, paving slabs, asphalt etc.) ground, in effect creating a ‘virtual trench’ view of the root system.


The TRU is quick, safe and easy to use. Scanning can be done in parallel lines, full concentric or semi-circular. High-resolution images (~1cm) of subsurface roots can be obtained to the depth of 1m using the 900MHz antenna. Using the 400MHz antenna, penetration can be down to 3m, though the resolution will be lower (~2cm).



Telephone: +65-64812289