TreeQinetic Tree Pulling System

There are two major types of tree failures; uprooting and breaking at trunk. Based on the tree pulling test developed by Wessolly & Sinn at the University of Stuttgart, the TreeQinetic Tree Pulling System is designed to collect data in a non-invasive and precise manner during static tree pulling tests. The data obtained will help to calculate uprooting and breaking safety.


During pulling tests, a wind substituting load is exerted on the tree using a winch and

a steel cable. The reaction of the stressed trees under a defined load is measured

 (TreeQinetic Measuring Software) with high resolution elastometers and inclinometers.

The major parameters for calculations (TreeQinetic Evaluation Software) are: wind load

 (surface of the load bearing structure, tree height etc.) and the material properties of

green wood. The results obtained are then compared with those of sound trees to

provide information about the breaking stability of both the trunk and the root system.

The TreeQinetic system is capable of recording the data of many sensors simultaneously and the whole pulling process is recorded synchronously. Data is sent wireless via a communications unit to the PC or laptop, where all the data is saved.



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